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Our Mission

Barrel is a focused and nimble team of designers, developers, and strategists. Our passion for design, technology, and content fuels our desire to create inventive solutions. We love fresh ideas and obsess over execution, consistently delivering strong results. We've worked with startups and established organizations across various industries, gaining a broad perspective on how digital strategy can impact a client's goals.

The Culture

At Barrel, we follow a core belief: care about what you do and find ways to keep on getting better. If you think the same way, you're looking in the right place.

Benefits & Perks


  1. Team Chemistry -- We believe that we're only as strong as the bonds of our team members. We help each other, teach each other, and always have each others' backs.
  2. Challenging Work -- Whether it's learning new technologies or solving difficult design problems, we constantly seek new challenges that will keep us fully engaged.
  3. Food & Drink -- We provide lunch five times a week and we're always stocked with snacks, fresh coffee, loose leaf tea, draught beers, and a liquor cabinet for serious cocktail enthusiasts.
  4. Professional Development -- We're all about learning and growing. We're happy to foot the bill for conferences, workshops, and events that'll help you become better at what you do.
  5. Health, Dental, and Vision Benefits -- We're serious about your health. We cover 50% of your health insurance premiums and 100% of vision and dental.
  6. Tools -- We'll make sure that you have a comfortable Aeron chair, a fast Mac, the latest software, and whatever else you need (fonts, plug-ins, Wacom tablet, etc.) to be productive. If you think there's a tool you can build to help your job, we'll give you time to do that as well!
  7. Time Off -- We offer 8 days of vacation right off the bat, and you gain an extra vacation day every year you're with us. We also offer flexible time-off arrangements if you need to go away for an extended period of time or work-at-home arrangements if you feel very productive at home on certain days.
  8. 401K Plan -- It's never too early to save for retirement. Tell us how much you want to save each pay period and you're good to go.
  9. TransitChek -- Working in New York means you'll need to use public transportation. We offer TransitChek so you can get pre-tax savings on Metrocards, NJ Transit, LIRR, and other public transit costs.
  10. Reading Club -- If you don't have a Kindle, we'll get you one, and you also get access to our vast library. Don't see a book you'd like to read? Let us know and we'll add it to our library. Read our recommended books and join others who've read them as well.
  11. Group Activities -- Whether it's karaoke, ping pong, ski trips, or pigging out at a BBQ joint, we're serious about having a good time.