Front-End Developer

Union Square
February 10, 2013

You enjoy bending the DOM to your will, crafting rich, performant cross platform interfaces, and making browsers do things they didn't know they were capable of doing. You manipulate CSS/JS as if they were silly putty. You'll be working from the application layer forward (server-side), working closely with both our UI/UX team, and our infrastructure team. Python experience is a plus. You have the following:

  • A strong understanding of JavaScript outside of libraries / frameworks, i.e. the language itself, not just how to use jQuery, Mootools or Dojo.
  • Deep understanding of:
    • Events
    • Remote Data
    • Closures
    • The DOM
    • Object Prototypes
    • Data Types
    • Scope
  • Detailed knowledge of CSS, the box model, semantic markup, and HTML5.
  • Experience with performance tuning re: script / css / image loading.
  • An understanding of application side security models, client side app hardening, XSRF, etc.
  • Experience with a version control system (preferably git or svn).