Software Engineer (Android)

February 12, 2013


Superb engineer with 6 months+ of experience developing Android applications. Should have an understanding of the platform and its limitations with the ability to maximize performance, aesthetics and interactivity of Android apps.

Will be a top-tier technologist that understands general coding best practices and has worked in multiple platform environments and languages before. Must be both self-reliant in working through problems and work well as a collaborative part of a larger Android development team. Strong problem solving skills.

Deadline oriented, responsible and reliable worker.

  • Responsible for implementation of specific Android projects as coordinated by the VP of Engineering.
  • Writes beautiful commented code that others can easily read and adapt.
  • Participates in regular code reviews.
  • Communicate Android project status to manager in an accurate and detailed way.
  • May occasionally represent Aviary at Android-centric events.
Necessary Skills
  • 6 months+ experience in Android development.
  • Intimately familiar with Familiarity with C/C++ and JNI.
  • Self-reliant hacker
  • Quick adoption of new systems and languages.
  • Superb communicator
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Bonus points for experience with OpenGL, image processing/manipulation, and multi-threaded, multi-client server projects (in any language)

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