Financial District

Our Mission

Medivo's mission is to save and improve lives through faster and easier access to quality health care.Headquartered in New York City, Medivo is a health monitoring company dedicated to helping save and improve lives through faster and easier access to quality healthcare. Medivo collects clinical data from labs, and symptom data from apps and devices to help physicians provide better care and help their patients more effectively monitor their health.
Medivo enables patients to better manage their health and have more meaningful interactions with their doctors through access to testing and mobile symptom monitoring tools, easy-to-understand explanations of lab results, and relevant education information.Medivo is managed by professionals with extensive experience providing services in the healthcare space. It is an exciting time in healthcare IT - come join our fun, enthusiastic, and hard working team - let's help improve the physician and patient experience together!

The Culture

  • We maintain integrity and honesty in everything we do
  • We respect diversity of thought and background
  • We treat others with respect and fairness
  • We collaborate and communicate openly
  • We learn from trying to solve tough problems
  • We embrace creativityWe celebrate accomplishments and have fun
  • We exceed the needs and objectives of our 3Ps (Patients, Physicians,and Partners)
  • We go above and beyond