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Our Mission

Skillshare is community of teachers and students driven by a passion to share real-world skills through collaborative learning.

We're here to fix the problem our education system faces today: people aren't learning in a way that inspires them. We believe passion should dictate curriculum, not institutions. We deliver passion through our work, employees, and community. In other words, we're here to increase the global passionate index.

*photo credit: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

The Culture

Our culture is one of the most important things to us. Everyone on our team is a creative problem solver and we work together to creatively brainstorm new ideas, implement them, and improve them as fast as possible. We're obsessed with changing the status-quo.

  • Over-communicate to foster transparency and trust.
  • Question everything, and do something about it.
  • Problem solve in unconventional ways.
  • Staying humble leads to collaboration.
  • Ship it. Done is better than perfect.
  • Be Curious. Stay passionate.
  • Leapfrog the status quo.
  • Make your mama proud.
  • Simplify. Less is more.
  • We is greater than I.
  • Always be learning.

Benefits & Perks

  • competitive salaries, stock options and full benefits
  • a monthly scholarship to take Skillshare classes
  • an allowance every month to do something fun with your team
  • we go on two retreats per year outside of the city
  • mandatory vacation days
  • additional volunteer days to give back to the community
  • half of your gym or yoga membership fees are paid for as a reward for being active