Our Mission

Vimeo is a leading video-sharing site committed to delivering a high-quality, inspiring video experience to 70+ million people each month -- and we're growing bigger every day. But Vimeo is much more than a website -- it's a friendly place where anyone who takes or loves video can share, discover, and connect with a vibrant, wildly respectful community of individuals from around the world.

The Culture

Because, for starters, we hesitate to use the word "work" to talk about what we do. Most of our time is spent inventing, sharing, shooting, editing, gazing at amazing videos, coding our brains out, snacking our stomachs into oblivion, sending hilarious links to each other, and joining together like Voltron to create something we all believe in and are psyched about on an hourly basis. So if you enjoy doing all that stuff, you'll probably like "working" here too.

Benefits & Perks

  1. Ample paid time off (a.k.a. PTO) so you can finally take that vacation you deserve
  2. All the usual company holidays, plus a few you might not expect
  3. A sweet 401k plan with company matching (retirement, here you come!)
  4. Flexible work arrangements to accommodate your ever-busier life
  5. Enough free snacks and drinks to make your dentist nervous
  6. An annual company outing that people actually want to attend
  7. Legitimately great medical and dental coverage (see #5) with low premiums and co-pays
  8. Company matching for charitable contributions
  9. A work environment that's so fun and casual we hesitate to call it "work"
  10. Tuition reimbursement so you never have to stop learning